Dr. Erbszt András:

I have graduated from SOTE (Semmelweis Medical University) in 1988 and passed my specialist examination in 1993 from orthopedy. I have been carrying out the conservative (non-surgical) and surgical treatment of spinal patients since 1994.

Based on my experience, I am convinced that most of spinal complaints can be eliminated with the right conservative treatment (non-surgical), with the most important element of the therapy being physiotherapy and then a long term activity program.

These are the revelations based on which I have created the Doctorfit Spinal Clinic in 2006, where thousands of patients have been cured in the past 10 years.

Each part of the spinal treatment program (pain relief, physiotherapy, massage, rehabilitation training) create an integrated system, which I have created based on my experince gathered during my work as as a physician for the past twenty years. You will find a detailed description of our treatment and healing protocols on our website.

If the patient is in need of a surgical solution, they have a chance to choose between both private and that financed by OEP (NEAK – Hungarian National Health Found). Patients can request for private treatment to be carried out in Róbert Károly Clinic, while I perform my surgeries publicly funded by the OEP (NEAK) at the orthopedy and neuro-surgery department of Szent János Hospital.

My creed as a surgeon is - if possible - to only perform minimal-invasive surgery. These surgeries –based on the conditions- cause the least damage to tissues – mostly muscle- around the spine. Based on these principles, I have begun performing endoscopic surgery in 2011 and frontal access spine stabilisation surgery from 2013. I was also the first to perform minimal invasive surgery in Hungary for the treatment of pyriformis syndrome in 2008.

I have published several articles about my medical achievements both on national as well as international forums. I find it very important that spinal patients learn the reasons behind their complaints and the possible methods of their treatment, both its advantages as well as their disadvantages.

My goal at the Doctorfit Spinal Clinic is to constantly perfect our spinal-rehabilitation program so that more of our patients have a chance to heal without surgery.

Our Experts

Who we are?

Our private clinic was established 10 years ago for the complex treatment of spinal diseases and disorders. In addition to our professional expertise and modern methods, we offer innovative solutions in enhancing the speed of recovery. We know, that there is little or no time to spare for a lenghty recovery, this is why we do our best to get all our patients back on their feet even on the next day.

Spine pain is slowly becoming a generation disease with almost every person affected who performs seated work between the age of 30 and 40. The spine is the „column” of our body and its health determines the proper functioning of other locomotor organs.

Our absolute goal is to immediately locate the roots of our patient’s complaints, to relieve the patient from pain as soon as possible and and to significantly improve the patient’s quality of life by using the ISDPT program developed by our clinic (Integrated Spine Disease Patient Treatment Modell).

During the past 10 years we have sucessfully cured thousands of patients without the need to perform surgery. The most important elements of our therapy introduced into the life of the patient is regular physical exercise and physiotherapy. In order to avoid surgical intervention, we have developed a spine rehabilitation program based on our own ideas and expertise completely unique in the world, which we have been applying to our patients successfuly since.

n our homely and friendly clinic we guarantee full and fast healing for people suffering from all kinds of spine disease as well as provide our patients with complex services, help and therapy for their recovery. In case we have no other choice but to use surgery, we only do minimal invasive intervention, which taking into account all conditions, only damage tissue around the spine only in the least possible amount and this way the patient, in most cases, can get back on its feet the next day.

Our mission

The mission of our clinic and our doctors is to cultivate a medical culture where the patient is not just a sentence in a file, but special attention is devoted to every step of its recovery. We do our job to experience the joy our patients feel when they are fully healed. It is wonderful to see the change in the life of people who have endured everyday pain for such a long time.

We are always looking for alternatives to avoid surgery, as nobody likes to get under a knife if not necessary. We also know that time is money, this is why we consider that our patients can return to their jobs as soon as possible without having to lie in bed for weeks or even days.

Our clinis always has a friendly atmosphere and awaits its patients with kind and thoughtful personel. Even our colleague at the reception has a degree as well as professional experience from healthcare, this way all stages of patient care is done by professionals.

Our Experts